No Bun City? Where to Find A Dang Hot Dog in Vancouver

It’s really hard to find a dedicated hot dog restaurant in Vancouver. Show a weenie some support and go order one at any of these locations.


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No fun city? More like no bun city.

It’s really hard to find a dedicated hot dog restaurant in Vancouver. You might Google around and think, “Oh! Dougie Dog looks good!” Wrong. It’s closed.

Then you’re like, hey, what’s this other one about? Nope, it’s closed too.

Oh, MADdogs Gourmet Hot Dogs looks awesome, and it’s still in business! But wait, it’s in Vancouver, WASHINGTON. Sad.

By this time, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, I live in an urban centre. Why aren’t there any hot dogs in this DANG city?” Well, it seems like our favourite little wieners just can’t survive on their own in Vancouver’s hip food scene.

Other than at What’s Up? Hot Dog, the only franks in YVR seem to exist as refugees on the menus of poutineries, pubs and food trucks. With that said, show a weenie some support and go order one at any of these locations.



If Frenchie is there when you arrive at his restaurant, he may regale you with tales about upcoming menu items or his family back in Montreal. He’ll also advise you to upgrade your $3 steamed dog (a steamie) into either the Le Junior combo (a steamie with fries) or the Le Senior combo (which comes with poutine instead of frites!). Local and French beers are available at this diner found at the intersection of Main and Kingsway.

What’s Up? Hot Dog!

This hip spot in Hastings-Sunrise is the last refuge for hot dogs in our fair city. Gourmet dogs include the Hanzai (topped with pickled ginger, sriracha sauce, wasabi mayo, and tempura crunch) and Matt and She’s (slathered with mac n’ cheese, bacon bits, and green onion). Bring some coins to challenge your friends at pinball (the Star Trek machine is super fun!) and check out their happy hour with $3 Lonetree, PBR, and highballs from 3-6pm.


Bestie describes itself as “a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown.” Now, these aren’t your average hot dogs — they’re delectable turkey, bison and pork sausages served on a bed of sauerkraut or plate of fries. Not the wurst, eh? The best time of day to stop by is during their daily happy hour from 3-5pm, when a currywurst and mug of beer combo is just $10.


Jack’s Place

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I only recently learned that Army and Navy in Gastown has a small food counter operating out of the back corner of the store. Called Jack’s Place, it serves simple food like grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and small hot dogs. The hot dogs are no different than the ones you’d make at home, but for $1.75 each, Jack’s Place is a great place to grab a bite on the go.


Yeah, we said it. But we had to, because Costco hot dogs are filling, delicious and come with chopped onions and hot peppers on top of the usual condiments. The Costco by Roger’s Arena in downtown Vancouver serves up quarter-pound franks with a fountain drink, all for $1.50 — so, what are you waiting for?

Food Trucks and Carts


This food cart’s influence extends way beyond Vancouver. Although it originated here, Japadog now has carts in Los Angeles and at the Santa Monica Pier. Find any of the seven carts around the city and experience their East-meets-West creations; the Terimayo, with teriyaki sauce, mayo, and seaweed is a crowd favourite!

The Dog House

This truck is quintessentially UBC, with themed dogs like the Thunder Dog, which comes with bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese, or the Wreck Beach frankfurter. The Dog House can be found cruising along UBC streets from Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm, but can also be booked for special events and catering.

Van Hot Dog

The most natural way to eat a hot dog is to purchase one from a street vendor and chow down as you watch the cars and people pass by. Van Hot Dog, which operates on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, serves up the classic treat with fresh, traditional toppings — in the end, isn’t that what you were looking for all along?

Honourable mention goes to Davie dog spots La Belle Patate and Fritz European Fry House.

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Feeling Quizzical? Pub Trivia for Every Night of the Week

Looking to test your mettle against Vancouver’s brainy and beery elite? The city is host to a number of unique and engaging pub trivia nights, located in neighbourhoods all across the city.


Looking to test your mettle against Vancouver’s brainy and beery elite? The city is host to a number of unique and engaging pub trivia nights, located in neighbourhoods all across the city.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate battle of wits, a laid-back night with friends, or a bizarre and befuddling trivia experience, there’s something out there for you. Here is a list of our favourite Vancouver trivia nights for every night of the week.

You can also visit Vancouver Pub Quiz to learn more about the many exciting trivia options in our city.


The Cove – 8pm
The Cove is a great place for trivia even if you’re not a wiz since they give away tons of free stuff. Free shots are given out for funny answers or creative team names, and there’s a prize draw for a free pitcher after each of the three rounds.

The Bimini – 7pm
This trivia night consists of eight rounds split into two halves, with the winners earning beer for their table. The Bimini also has a season-long competition, which means you’ll be up against some trivia diehards, should you attend. It’s run by Nice Guys Trivia, so you can expect the usual picture round, general knowledge round, music round and multiple choice round in each half.

Colony Main Street – 8pm
This well-attended trivia night caps the team limit at (around) 7 people and offers prizes like beer, salsa, and piercings (no lie). While the bar’s best happy hour is on Tuesdays with $3 beers all day long, Monday night you can grab the Whistler Seasonal for $4.75.

The Biltmore – 8pm (monthly)I was saying Boo-urns. Woo Hoo! Simpsons Trivia is a Vancouver staple, but it’s only offered once a month. The teams that show up are pretty serious, so make sure to brush up on your classic Simpsons (Seasons 1 through 9) before attending.

Monday’s a popular night for trivia. You can also check out The Fringe (8pm), The Reef on Main (7pm) The Junction (7:30pm) and Displace Hashery (8pm).


The Lamplighter – 7pm
For folks in Gastown, the Lamplighter is probably your best trivia bet. The hosts are a lot of fun and play music in between questions and rounds, but you should be ready for a long night as the trivia usually ends around 10pm.

Manchester Public Eatery – 8pm
The Manchester is super easy to get to, located on Broadway just past Burrard. What’s nice about this trivia night is that the questions and answers are put up on big screens around the room, so you won’t miss any questions even if the bar is loud.

Storm Crow Tavern – 7pm (first and third Tuesday of the month)
As Vancouver’s self-proclaimed nerd bar, the Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial is always a ton of fun. Guests can grab a board game while they wait for trivia to begin or take a chance on the Storm Crow’s infamous Random Shots by rolling a d20. Winners of the night receive suitably geeky prizes, such as pop culture figurines, DVDs and comic books.

Honorable mention goes to the Butcher & Bullock (7pm), Relish (7:30pm), The Cheshire Cheese Inn (8pm) and the Hastings Racecourse (8pm).


The Five Point – 8pm
You’re allowed as many team members as can fit at your table, so get cozy at the Five Point’s trivia night, hosted Wednesdays at 8pm. The music round is worth attending this trivia night on its own, as it’s both challenging and fun.

The Coppertank –  7:45pm (biweekly)
Partying near UBC and looking to get a pitcher or two knocked off your bill? Stop by trivia at The Coppertank, where the first, second, and third place teams each win money off their bill. The eight-person teams are usually full up, so arrive with friends in tow to be ready to compete.

Storm Crow Ale House – 7pm (first and third Wednesday of the month)
Nerdy, unabashed, and well-conceived — this is great trivia night for geeks and their cliques (and general trivia fans, too). Winners walk home from the Broadway location with pop culture prizes, which in the past have included the 1989 film The Wizard, the 1984 film Ice Pirates, and random Star Wars and Batman figurines.

Wednesday is the best night for trivia in Vancouver. There are 10 more places you can hit up, including Moose’s Down Under (7pm), EXP Bar (7pm, monthly), Yagger’s Downtown (7:30pm), The Blarney Stone (7:30pm), Princeton Pub (8pm), Colony Kits (8pm), Regal Beagle (8pm), The Brighton Pub (8pm), The Bottleneck (8pm), Dubh Linn Gate (7pm)


Darby’s – 7pm
This quiz night is quick and to the point — something that all trivia fans can appreciate. You might want to avoid this one on a Canucks game night, as the place can get pretty packed, but the staff prioritize trivia over sports (an unusual but excellent surprise!).

Our Town – 8:30pm (last Thursday of the month, irregularly)
There’s a Def Leppard cover band appropriately named “Def Jeppard” that plays along with the trivia cues. Need we say more?

Samesun Hostel – 9pm
Five rounds of questions with no pause for intermission makes for a packed end to your Thursday night. Located at a popular youth hostel on Granville, this is the perfect opportunity for solo trivia masters to make new friends and win tickets for future free drinks at the Samesun.

Yagger’s Kitsilano – 9:30pm
Beer! Swag! Brewery tours! Book ahead to attend this popular trivia night located near MacDonald and West Broadway. The hosts offer a season long prize for the team with the most points, so be sure to use the same team name each time you attend.

You can also stop by Stateside Craft (8pm), Tavern (8pm), Our Town Kingway (8pm biweekly), Milltown Bar & Grill (8:30pm.) or Pressbox (8pm).


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East Side Craft House – 7:30pm
This unique event is dubbed “Lucky Key Trivia”, and it puts a unique twist on the classic pub trivia. Every round, top teams receive a key with a name on it. At the end of the night, the host draws a key out of a jar, and if you have the corresponding key, you win a $50 gift certificate to East Side Craft House. The beauty of this is that if you always find yourself coming in second or third at trivia nights, you still have a chance of taking home the prize.


There’s no trivia happening on Saturdays in Vancouver, but there are still some sweet drink deals happening around the city every day of the week. Learn more on our neighbourhoods page here!


Army, Navy, & Air Force Club on Main – 7:30pm
Vancouver Pub Quiz describes this trivia night as “a complete gong show, in the best possible way.” The event throws the usual rules of pub trivia out the window: some rounds require you to shout out answers, intermission features magic tricks performed by the hosts, and contestants can win “Riddler Bucks” to bid with on auction items at the end of the night. It’s a members-only club, so you’ll need to sign in upon arrival and be respectful of the rules (no hats allowed!).

ANZA Club 8pm (last Sunday of the month)
Grab two to five of your closest friends and hit up the ANZA club on the last Sunday of the month for trivia hosted by Vancouver favourites IQ 2000. This trivia night offers prizes for the winning team, the loudest team, and the funniest answers, so there are many ways to win back the $10 it costs to enter.

Did we miss your favourite trivia night? Holler at us and it could make our next list.

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