Main Street Vancouver Happy Hours Drink Specials

Stretching from the waterfront of Olympic Village to the vintage shops of south Main Street, the Main and Mount Pleasant region encompasses some of the hippest restaurants and bars in the city. This stylish and spirited neighbourhood is an excellent destination for your next booze cruise, no matter whether you prefer the street’s numerous breweries, dive bars, or upscale eateries.



The Cascade Room

$5 beer, $5 wine, $6 select cocktails (2oz). Select appies on special.

Casual cocktail lounge in the heart of Main Street
2616 Main St. |


17267749_1648753028759629_1822507344139911168_nColony Bar (Main)
3-6pm (Mon-Fri)

$3 beer, $4 wine, $3 highballs. $9 wings.

Comfortable sports bar with 18 craft beers on tap
2904 Main St. |


17586601_1875699902718310_1919282711189520384_nCraft Beer Market
3-6pm (Mon-Fri)

$5 beer, $5 wine, $5 highballs.

Hip warehouse restaurant with over 100 local and international beers
85 West 1st Ave. |


11386512_863306507089944_155792450_nDon’t Argue! Pizzeria

Select beer on special, $2 off wine and cocktails. Select pizza on special.

Local favourite for fancy slices and pies
3240 Main St. |


15876594_388044401534561_1595214749962862592_nDubh Linn Gate Irish Pub
3-6pm | 9-close (Sun-Thurs)

$5 pints (20oz), $5 wine, $5 highballs. 25% off appetizers and sharing.

Traditional Irish fare and an excellent selection of beer and whiskey
1601 Main St. |


elcaminosEl Camino’s
4-6pm (Mon-Fri) | 10-close (Mon-Sat) | 3-6pm (Sat) | 4-10pm (Sun)

$4 Pacifico beer, $5 wine (5oz), $8 wine (8oz), $3 el Tigre shot, $6 Paloma cocktail.

Delicious Mexican food, small plates, and import beers
3250 Main St. |


Flying Pig (Olympic Village)16583731_149434975567364_4165442141893427200_n
3-6pm (Mon-Fri) | 4-6pm (Sat-Sun)

$4 beer, $4 wine. Select appies on special.

“Nouveau Canadian Bistro” offering simple, seasonally inspired food
127 2nd Ave. West | 604.569.1111 |


3-6pm (Tue-Fri)

$3 beer, $3 wine, $3 shots. 15% off all food.

Diverse menu of South East Asian delicacies
1 East Broadway |



Locus Lounge
3-6pm | 10-close

3-6pm: $4 beer, $5 wine, $5 Caesars and blackberry lemonades. 50% off all appies (Mon-Fri).
10-close: $4 beer, $5 wine, $6 cocktail feature (2oz). 50% off all appies (Sun-Thurs).

Eclectic fusion of modern and classic favourites
4121 Main


13712659_977373142377392_720927383_nThe Narrow Lounge

$4 pints, $4 wine, $4 highballs, $7.50 cocktails (2oz). Select appies and plates on special.

“Dark and moody but still fun” bar tucked away near 2nd Ave
1898 Main St. |


17076367_1423068854402205_5893682723481976832_nNomad Restaurant
5-6pm (Mon-Fri)| 2-6pm (Sat-Sun) | 10-late

5-6pm (Mon-Fri): $5 beer, $5.50 cider, $6 Negroni, $6 Femme Fatale.
2-6pm (Sat-Sun): $5 beer, $5.50 cider, $6 Negroni, $6 Femme Fatale.
2-5pm (Sat-Sun): Select food on special.
10pm-close: $5 beer, $5.50 cider, $6 Negroni, $6 Femme Fatale. Select food on special.

Hip, sustainable restaurant with upscale Canadian cuisine
3950 Main St. |


11123659_1432774663683994_2027395014_nThe Reef (Main Street) 
4-6pm | 9-close

4-6pm: $4 select drinks.
9-close: $4 select drinks. 50% off tacos.

Colourful Caribbean joint serving authentic regional plates
4172 Main St. |



Simply Delicious

$4 pints, $13.75 pitchers, $3 highballs. Select appies $4.

Sushi, Sapporo, and fried eggs in a quirky upstairs lounge
4316 Main St. | 604.875.9866 |


12139810_1658095401099085_585108281_nSteel Toad Brewery

$5 pints. Select appies on special.

Upscale eats in a chic warehouse in Olympic Village
97 E 2nd Ave. | 604.709.8623 |


17817607_856540041166986_7533693737528983552_nTap & Barrel (Olympic Village)

Select beer on special, $4 cocktails.

Waterfront restaurant with elevated pub favourites (and an incredible patio!)
1 Athletes Way |


17494287_260731431004549_1695308228356734976_nThe Whip
4-6pm (Mon-Fri)

$5 beer, $5 highballs, $5 wine.

Funky loft space featuring a rotating exhibition of local artists
209 E 6th Ave. |