Kitsilano Vancouver Happy Hours Drink Specials

This westside neighbourhood is best known for its busy beaches, quiet streets, relaxed yuppie feel, and many restaurants and bars along its main drags. West Broadway and West 4th are both busy conduits with tons of eats and treats to be found. Epicentre of the lululemon casual athletic wear phenomenon, expect to see crowds of yogis, bicyclists, and joggers along the many public walkways and the seawall.


BC Sushi
4:30-5:45pm | 9:30pm-12am

$12.95 all you can eat.

Local sushi joint open till midnight with 25% off takeout orders
2126 West Broadway St.604.732.9923 | BC Sushi – Facebook

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The Bimini Public House
3-6pm (Mon-Fri) | 10pm-late (Mon-Fri)

Select appies on special $5.

Donnelly Group pub popular with sports fans and college kids
2010 West 4th Ave.604.733.7116 |

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Chewies (Kitsilano)
5-7pm (Mon-Fri) | 9pm-late (Sun-Thu) | 3-7pm (Sat-Sun)

$5 BC craft beer, $6 select wine (6oz). $5 select whiskey, $1 BC beach oyster, $2 premium oyster. Select appies on special $10-$13.

Seafood joint with a great wine selection
2201 West 1st Ave. | 604.558.4448 |

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Colony (Kitsilano)
3-6pm (Mon-Fri)

$4 Parallel 49 craft lager and Whistler pale ale, $4 wine, $3 highballs, $8.95 wings.

Casual neighbourhood hangout with pub-style offerings
3255 West Broadway St. | 604.559.6070 |

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$4 house lager, $4.50 highballs.

Kitsilano’s “best kept secret” with delicious cocktails and share plates
1943 Cornwall Ave. |

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.23.03 PMThe Cove
2-4pm (Mon-Fri) | 10pm-close

$5 select beer, highballs.

Cozy neighbourhood establishment 10 minutes from the sea
3681 West 4th Ave. |

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Deacon’s Corner

$4 draft beer, $15 pitchers of beer, $4.50 wine, $3 highballs. Free special appy served with every drink.

Wholesome food made with traditional recipes
3189 West Broadway

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.26.20 PMDisplace Hashery

3-6pm (Mon-Fri)

$3.50 beer, $3.50 wine, $3.50spirits. $6.50 wings, perogies, and potato skins.

Live music, karaoke, NFL Sundays all under one roof
3293 West 4th

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.27.34 PMThe Kitchen Table
9am-3pm (Sat-Sun) | 11am-6pm (Mon-Fri) | 9pm-late

9am-3pm (Sat-Sun): $5 Caesar (1oz), $6 Caesar (2oz), $5 mimosa. $6 farmer’s breakfast
11am-6pm (Mon-Fri): $4 taco, $6 farmer’s breakfast, $8 flatbreads
9pm-late: 33% off select wine bottles, $5 shots of Jager. $8 flatbreads

Lively spot with 31 taps and live music every Thursday night
1618 Yew

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Manchester Public Eatery

Specials on select beers and ciders $6.95-$7.30.

A sports bar meets neighbourhood pub with lots of seating and patio space
1941 West Broadway St.604.568.6867 |

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Storm Crow Alehouse
2-5pm (Mon-Fri)

$5 chick pea fries, chicken wings (half order), tatertots, fries, and waffle fries.

Bonafide nerd bar with pop culture décor and many board games
1619 West Broadway St. |

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Sunset Grill

$5 Coal Harbour lager (20 oz), $4 wine (5oz), $4 highballs or Jameson (1oz). $5 two mac balls; $5 roasted sprouts, yam fries, onion rings, tater tots; $9 wings (1lb); $12 nachos

Taphouse and whiskey bar offering a “taste of Ireland” in Kits
2204 York Ave.604.732.3733 |